Sean Bell's Daughter

Sean Bell's Daughter

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Final Paper: NYPD, Racism and Questions

B) Explication of difference between newspapers- Colton Heller

There are many different ways of explaining the news to the public, and each one varies because they have their own style and presentation. One of the most popular tactics is the newspaper. This is a way of showing events and revealing their stories to people. Three popular newspapers are The New York Times, The New York Post, and The Guardian. Each one of these papers take events, like the Sean Bell tragedy, and put their own twist and style on it. The following will reveal how each of these papers has their own style and appeal to different groups of people.

The New York Times is a very prestige paper and is very liberal because of the papers unique flow. It has very few ads, but when it does, it presents upper-class items and places. The New York Times is an international paper that reaches political, analytical, and reveals a process of news events. The Times is a paper for elite readers and people of am ore white collar range. Hence, the Times covers Sean Bell’s death in almost a complete political sense. The writers of these articles focus in on what will happen next and from which point the politics will decide. They talk of the mayor numerous amounts of times and give details of information in the range.

However, The New York Post is a completely different kind of newspaper, for their own special tactics and style. The Post is a conservative paper that has editorials and is owned by one person. The Post has many ads and gives sales on stores convenient to its class. This appeals to more middle-class, blue collar people. The New York Post is also a local paper and cannot be found outside of its area. It is full of entertainment news, celebrity gossip, funny stories, and common news. The Post shows more of an emotional side to tragic events. Therefore, all the events on the Sean Bell article dealt with Bell’s family and friends. They touched briefly on the politics and the mayor’s connection. The Post showed pictures and left comments about how heart broken and disturbed the family felt. They also gave examples of other shooting and complained how white cops go after black victims. The Post showed a more racism act.

In addition to these papers, there is The Guardian, which is a paper that is found in the U.K. Europe. The Guardian is another prestige paper that covers many stories and gives first hand action about news. It appeals to an upper-middle class. When The Guardian covered Sean Bell’s event, the paper went against the police and sided with mayor Bloomberg. This was a large part with racism and listed all other killings dealing with racism. The Guardian is a newspaper that implies great information and covers stories with detail.

In conclusion, The New York Times, The New York Post, and The Guardian are three great newspapers in which they cover events with articles and comments. All papers are different than others, but they balance each other out. They al have different styles and methods of going about events, but they all give great news coverage and support their stories to the best knowledge that they can.

C) Description and analysis of the memoralization of the event

Memoralization moments on Sean Bells's death was demonstrared by newspapers; however, the TV makes the strongest impression and divulgation about that . The public got a quiclky reaction by what they could see with their own eyes. After the death a vigil was called at the church were Sean was suppose to get married, light candles with photos and flowers were arranged at the local of the shooting. During the police investigation marches and protests against NYPD was held by many people who were claiming for justice. The most part of the people in those protests were black and formed by leaders, mothers, fathers, friends, neighbours, students and people who came from other states like Pensylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Sometimes is hard to understand rituals dedicated to a cause, and to embody the meaning of any kind of ritual require sensiblity. Sometimes, we have that sensibility,and sometimes we don't. It depends on how the message of the ritual get to us, and how they impact our emotions and reasoning at the same time. Sean Bell's death had your rituals and meanings; however, from those memoralizations moments the lesson aqcuired was not based on how people were impacted by, but how the meaning of doing such a ritual reveals something extradordinary in humam relationships. Those memoralizations have had a function to unify people, to diminish the sorrow after a tragedy, and why not to say create leaderships.

Sean Bell case was a big headline news by television, making a powerful sense of the death, bring to the public more reality, because the TV simply has this power, and a public was reached by that. The public, those who were impacted by the tragedy, and pretty much Sean Bell comunity could share a moment of sorrow, they could share the pain of loosing someone. The candles distribuided on the death local, the photos and flowers arranged in memory of Sean means the imposibilty of do something after a tragedy like that, but in show frindeship, love, and care about the death.

As a black man, Sean Bell's death provoked rebellion among the balck community, so overwhelm by injustice, racism, and negligence from NYPD which lead them into march and protest. Sean was not the first case to bring a reaction like that, but when that happens eventually people got inspired by the moment, and they responded in so many different levels. The main point is to understand the whole of a unity, when you unify thougths and wishes by inspiration you develop great possibility of changing, and what is more interesting is the changing in quantity. You have the news, you have the TV, you have the goverment looking at you, not always in a good way, but you got their attention.

Sean's march and protest for justice got attention of the mayor, and rigth away he seemed to provide more attention to Sean's family, the trial was asked for relocation, that it could go to a more white area like was the case of Amadou Diallo, and the police officers were absolved, but the trial still holding in Queens which means a victory for the black community. Another important thing is to consider that a union is a line of people getting forces to face difficult moments in order to achieve results. Nevertheless, for each movement in terms of people united you will find already a leader to guide people, but you also participate in create new ones.

The meaning of Sean Bell's death was embodied by the claim of justice .Despite the fact that could be racism or negligence , people made the memoralizations moments a time of sharing and unity, a time of care by a tragedy and a time of enough injustice, let's fight for justice. If those moments are going to last for years is not known, but it takes place and meaning at moments like the shooting of Sean Bell.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Colton Heller: Catastrophe and the Media: A Case Study

The New York Times:
The New York Times is a famous, world-wide newspaper that gives information on everyday activity to the public. The Times is a prestige newspaper in the sense of their vocabulary, editorials, and class of viewers. The class of people who read the Times are white-collar mostly, and appeal to them rather then middle or lower classes.The article on Sean Bell is the New York Times is one in which the Times discussed in a political way dealing with the case of Bloomberg and how the city reacted. It gave details and evidence on the case that provided many points of interest to the political class. The New York Times is a very liberal paper that connected with the Sean Bell article on different levels compared to the New York Post and The Guardian. It is a newspaper that is different from all others and connects with upper class range.

1) The audience for the New York Times is upper-middle, white collar class. It’s for an elite class of people because it has a political and analytical kind of process to it. “Under Mayor Bloomberg, there is a much better tone in the city with regard to police- community relation, and race relations in general. But when it comes to the police department and improved tone won’t count for much if policies and procedures aren’t changed to prevent cops from blowing away innocent individuals with impunity.” This is an example how the New York Times is on Bloomberg’s side and gives a political view of the accident.

2) The “villains” in the story are the police men who fired 50 shots at the car. Villains could appear in a natural event because the natural cause of disaster going on could be considered the villain.

3) The heroes are Sean Bell’s fiancĂ©, Nicole Paultre, and his two friends Joseph Guzman, and Trent Benefield. Paultre has to become strong and deal with the fact Sean died on their wedding day. Guzman and Benefield were both injured in the accident and have to suffer the fact of their good friend not making it out alive. They are all good people who now have to live with pain and horrible memories.

4) The main difference of the New York Times is the way they describe the incidents in proper, correct form. This means that they do not lie or misinform any information, and they support different view of interest. The moments described differently are the views of the mayor, the people of the city, Rev. Al Sharpton, and where the police stand in perspective.Yes, the causes and effects are described differently from the New York Times to The Guardian because they appeal to different crowds and have different points of view.

The Guardian:
The Guardian is a newspaper that deals with news coverage on an international basis. Its an unlimited paper mainly in U.K., but can be read all over. The Guardian is a paper that compels to the middle class and discusses different points of view. It gives details from a political sense, like the Times, but isn’t as liberal. The article on Sean Bell in The Guardian was an extreme sense of policy when they went against the police and sided with the mayor. They were disgusted with the way the police men acted and supported Mayor Bloomberg’s points of view. The Guardian had few articles on Sean Bell, but in all of them they supported the same points of view.

1) The Guardian seems to appeal a middle-upper, middle-lower class of audience. “The officers shots struck the men’s car 21 times. They also hit nearby homes and shattered windows at a train station, though no residents were injured.” This quote appeared many times throughout the articles, showing The Guardian respected the people in the community and didn’t just care about political views.

2) The “villains” in the story are as the New York Times, the police men. Only difference in The Guardian is the immense sense of anger against the police. They were so against the way they acted and sided with the mayor’s points of view against them.

3) The hero’s are the same as the New York Times, (Paultre, Guzman, and Benefield), but The Guardian also make Bloomberg seem heroic. This is because of the strong sense of policy and outrage against the policemen. They were completely out of line and according angered many.

4) The Guardian’s main different is that they show more sensitivity to the families and side with the mayor against the police in almost every article. They also show many examples of different articles explaining racism with white cops and black victims. These are some facts that are described differently. The Guardian has racist causes and effects on the articles and shows examples of hate and sorrows in their articles.

Magazine article on Sean Bell: Essence Magazine:,16109,1567496,00.html

Video on Sean Bell:

Sunday, February 10, 2008


"50 shots, police kill groom on wedding day"
That was the headline of the first news about Sean Bell's death in New York Post.
Sean Bell was killed on nov,24,2006 by the police of New York City.
Sean Bell was shot in the neck, shoulder, removed to the hospital, and died hours later; Sean Bell's friends were hospitalized with multiple gun shots.
With big headlines, and a very straight foward meaning; New York Post describe the facts saying that Sean Bell's fiance was crying out , passing out some times, and wearing the wedding band on her left hand at the funeral .
The club where was held the scene of the shooting, was a club where prostitution is being set for a long time, and Sean at that day was asking girls to have sex with him. The last few articles on New York Post was adressing the wedding day as a shot to shreds.
On september, 2007, a huge photo from the cup who shoot 31 times Sean's car was publhised by New York Post as "The 31 bullet cop". The same month, New York Post reveals the trial as a "Trial in $tyle" because the court has been investing money into the court district, putting new technologies to improve hearings and proofs of the cases in court.
By november,2007, the "50 shot cops" ask to move their trial out of Queens because of the big publicity in the case.
One of the last articles about Sean Bell's trial New York Post have said that the trial was off until Feb,25,2008.

1)In New York Post, the audience seems to everyone;however,those who don't prefer long articles, and may not have time to read 2 pages of an article; are more likely to New York Post. To me, it seems that reaches people who works in more than 1 job, those who like pictures and short articles. This kind of audience can be apllied by the midlle class workers, those who are not asked for reading in their work, those who are not asked for intellectual effort. In Sean Bell's case, the audience goes from those who would like to read about the case, or only for those who would like to be inform.

2)New York Post has a more clear side of the part that they're favoring.
With an appeling approach, the newspaper adress "the guilty or not guilty" view on Sean Bell's case. The villains here is the police, the 3 detective, and very much the one detective who shot 31 times.

3)I really don't think that in New York Post, Sean Bell's death presents a heroe side. Fisrt, because they bring up the negative side of the 3 black man involved, telling past passages of them in the police, and questioning Sean Bell faithfulness to his fiance. Second, because they don't adress that much, or almost none, the protest and march for justice in Sean Bell's death.

4)The main differences between The New York Times and New York Post are in how they focus their subject, and how they reach the audience by their headlines.
Sean Bell's case cleary shows in New York Post a dramatic view of the death, the focus in New York Post is to create more a visional and quickly opinion about the case just by look at the pictures or read the headlines. They are so powerful that the article written itself looses its purposes. Therefore, the articles are quite short. Headlines such as "THE 31 BULLET COP",it seems quite different, and hard to find in The New York times, another difference is the focus on private matters such as the fiance crying out at the funeral which also doesn't apply to The New York Times newspaper.


According to The New York Times on November,25,2006,Sean Bell,a queens black citizen died after his bachelor party in a police shooting.
Sean Bell and his friends were shot by the police 50 times,and the tragic event, called by Mayor Bloomberg as "unacceptable" has brought questions, protest and rebellion among the black comunnity, leaders and politicians.
The Mayor, as we've seen in the newspaper tried during the public reaction to promote an alliance with the victim's family, and resolve the case with "justice".
From this event, I noticed all kind of opinions and thoughts are adressed,it went from the Pastor Bishop Lester Willianms remembering Sean as a man looking foward to his marriage to a novelist in urban crime,trying understand the police department and their actions.
The New York Times also published some part of the 23-page document about the shooting,a example of the police report. The report was giving times, conversations, people involved when the shooting happened.
In march,2007,the trial started, and 3 detectives involved in the shooting pleaded not guilty,the trial goes through september,2007, and the judge didn't accept to dissmiss charges against the 3 detectives.
The trial still going on, and the final sentence is holding for feb,25,2008.

1)It seems to me that the audience to The New York Times for Sean Bell's case at first glance reaches everyone; however, in particular articles I nocited how specific and detailed the articles are.They look like a very good source of research to public speechers.Therefore, the audience could interest more to lawyers, politicians, professors,and people in leadership.

2)The New York Times presents the articles in a way of not taking part of any side of the story,but as I was following the articles, I could see the shock and disappointment feeling on the headlines when a police man shoot 3 people 50 times.
Thus,it seems to me that the police has a villain character in The New York Times.

3)If the police seems to be the villains, the heroes seemed to be the 3 black man shot that day. The New York Times, very often mentioned the victims as poor kids, marginalized by their social structure,and a young man who would be marrying his high school sweetheart on the day of his death. All that is reveal in The New Yrok Times.

4)The main differences between New York Post and The New York Times are in how many details and information The New York Times can offer information in one article, and how they can interconnect all sort of resource in the same case.
In The New York Times you can follow specifically how has been leading the case.
One of the examples is the 7 pages article about the shooting where they are showing the police report on Sean Bell's death.
In terms of resource, the collection of different opinions are all related by the subject matter, in this case, Sean Bell's shooting, and they are presented in different aspects for any kind of audience to discuss, think, argue,and so on.
You can see through this case the mayor speech, the bishop speech, and a novelist speech; so, you have politicians, religious leadership and a writer. They are talking and exposing their opinion in different levels.